We are Construction Compliance and our goal is to make our partners compliant with building regulations and structural warranty requirements.

AboutConstruction Compliance

The building warranty insurance market can be complicated, especially due to legal formalities and updates. Construction Compliance provide comprehensive structural warranty services and building control process management for properties under construction. We know building controls inside and out, and we want to share our expertise with you. As we have been providing structural warranties for property developers and construction development projects, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the insurance market and construction industry. As the majority of building work requires building regulations approval, Construction Compliance can determine whether your development projects are achieving these requirements. Our structural warranty service will provide protection against structural defects in either workmanship or the risk of failure with construction materials.

Having years of structural warranty experience in commercial and residential projects, Construction Compliance understand the importance of providing the right level of support throughout the build process and are happy to be your partner in structural warranty. We can help you with building control support, structural warranty, plan checking, quality management and project consultancy. We have been providing ongoing and post-project advice to builders, developers, architects, self-builders and project managers for a number of years. Construction Compliance work to building control performance standards while reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, delays and costs for our clients. We understand the property ecosystem and the market surrounding it. In fact, we make it our priority to understand our clients and their needs. We always strive to be helpful, reliable, reassuring and trustworthy.

Our Vision

All construction work carried out should be compliant with current building regulations and structural warranty requirements. It is the responsibility of those carrying out the work to ensure that the provisions of the regulations are fully met. At Construction Compliance, our goal is to deliver expert advice to builders, developers and architects on the building regulations required for your commercial construction project. We provide a range of building services to suit the requirements of any domestic, commercial and industrial project. We believe that our accessible, proactive and collaborative approach combined with in-depth knowledge removes compliance risk and provides you with a lifetime of cost savings.

Our Mission

At Construction Compliance, we know the issues you face as a developer or architect when it comes to claims and defects that arise. We recognise how important structural warranty provision is to you. For this reason, our commitment is to provide a premium structural warranty service with a high level of quality and dedication. Our structural warranty and building control process has been designed to support property developers, builders, architects, self-builders and project managers. We will liaise with your building control provider and ensure that your property achieves compliance in accordance with building regulations. It’s our mission to improve the quality and standard of construction in the UK with proper building control regulations.

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