Structural Warranty Support

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    Thanks to our vast structural warranty experience on commercial, residential and mixed-use projects, we can easily assist you along the journey with the right structural warranty provider.

    Pre-construction support :

    Pre-construction stage is highly important. At this phase, a considerate design appraisal should be completed to avoid costly design mistakes which might take away the profit from your scheme.

    – Working along with our planning consultants we will provide you with planning advice necessary to obtain a planning permit.

    – We will help you to choose the best warranty provider to satisfy structural insurance needs relevant for a specific project. Negotiating your quote, we will ensure your experience as a house developer is accounted for to get the best price for insurance service.

    – We will liaise with your architect to make sure that their design complies with Statutory requirements and warranty standards. If plans are already complete, we will review and comment on compliance with the warranty provider.

    – During the Warranty management process we will attend design review meetings to provide feedback on warranty and technical aspects. This is to avoid design defects and save time and money during the construction process.

    – Conversion projects appraisal – if you are converting an existing building, we will assess risks from a structural warranty point of view to establish suitability for warranty in advance. This will help you to establish the construction cost of your scheme.

    During Construction support :

    We will provide you with technical support and review outstanding information. During the construction process, examples of our services are as follows:

    • Technical and Quality support

    As we have vast experience in various construction types, our chartered surveyors are able to inspect and help with any outstanding issues. During the site visit, we will discuss potential issues and recommend the right course of action.

    • Outstanding Information Review.
      • We will go through existing outstanding items indicated by warranty providers and assist with closing up. While we are aware of peak seasons in construction, we will make sure that you don’t face any delay in obtaining the final certificate. 
      • We will act as a mediator if you are challenged by Warranty Provider or Building Control.

    Post-construction Services

    We are your long term business partners and will assist you with the following :

    • Conditional survey
    • Homebuyer report
    • Building survey

    Remediation works

    We continuously work with our specialist construction partners specialised in remediation works. We can arrange remediation works based on RICS Quantity Surveyor valuation.

    Premium negotiations

    We can speak with warranty providers and justify your no claims discount. It will increase your score rating which could result in a lower fee payment in future contracts.

    24/7 services

    We are aware that when the problem occurs, it is necessary to work promptly, so this is a reason why we are at your service 24/7. It will let you be the best version of yourself while helping us work with real dedication to the good name of your company.

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